Delivery Information

Delivery Issues aims to work with the highest possible security measures. For this reason, after your order is received, firstly an automatic e-mail is sent by the system and it informs that the order has been transferred to our systems. Then our team checks the order and confirms it again and you are informed again by e-mail.
Order deliveries
Orders are delivered to the contracted cargo company within 2 business days after bank and financial approval.
There is only one in each stock of each product. The product will become passive after the purchase.
Orders placed after 16:00 are processed the next day.
No transactions are made on holidays and holidays.
In special cases, there may be a delay, the user is informed about such situations.
Delivery and Shipping Fees
Transport and delivery charges vary depending on the content of the orders, the type of delivery chosen, and the city in which the delivery will be made. Transport fee information can be seen in detail on the payment screens where the shopping takes place.
Overseas deliveries currently does not sell domestically. Related studies are ongoing.
If you have not received your order ...
To solve your questions and problems regarding your order, simply send an e-mail to
Address info
In order for your order to arrive in a healthy way, please write your address as clearly as possible and specify the description of your location in the additional information section.
As a basic rule, we do not receive the product you bought. Your right to change is valid provided that it is notified on the day of delivery.

If you are not a taxpayer, after returning the product you have bought, you must complete the information in the relevant return section on the invoice of our company and sign it and send it back to us with the product. Otherwise, your return will not be completed.
General exchange conditions are as follows;
- Changes must be made in the original box or packaging.
- Original box / packaging is degraded (example: products with a cargo label attached to the original box and tapes with a shipping duct tape are not accepted). The products that have lost their re-markability are not accepted.
- If the product / products you want to replace are defective, the shipping fee is covered by the BUYER.